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The Stand Speak Rise Up! organization needs your support. Your donations will help us to organise our own independent initiatives in favour of victims of sexual violence in fragile environments. Together, let’s solve this problem. Rise Up to end rape as a weapon! Fondation du Grand-Duc et de la Grande-Duchesse IBAN: CCPL LU42 1111 7233 4516 0000

Board members

Ruffin 1 Ruffin 1

Dr. Jean-Christophe Rufin

Doctor, diplomat, historian, novelist

Atifete Jahjaga 1 Atifete Jahjaga 1

Atifete Jahjaga

President of the Republic of Kosovo (2011-2016)

Denis Mukwege Filter Denis Mukwege Filter

Dr. Denis Mukwege

Gynecologist and women’s rights militant, Nobel Prize 2018

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COVID-19 - Support the survivors of the SEMA Global Network

In this context, HRH the Grand Duchess, through Stand Speak Rise Up!, decided to help survivors in countries with fragile health care system by donating to the Mukwege Foundation in favor of the SEMA survivor network. You can support too!

Professor Muhammad Yunus' manifesto "No Going Back"

Professor Muhammad Yunus recently released the manifesto "No Going Back" disclosing how post-corona recovery must be driven by social consciousness. Read HRH the Grand Duchess' tribute to the Professor Yunus.

Interview of M. Frédéric Tissot, lecturer, doctor and former Consul General of France in Erbil

Watch the INTERVIEW-FOCUS of M. Frédéric Tissot, lecturer, doctor and former Consul General of France in Erbil. He insists on the role of educating little boys and men to eradicate violence against women and teach "positive masculinity".

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