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Stand Speak Rise Up! has been active in helping survivors and associations all around the world.


SEMA network retreat for 50 survivors in March 2019 in Luxembourg in collaboration with Mukwege Foundation. Subsequently, 2 survivors have applied for international protection in Luxembourg.


Collaboration on the project “Back Up” of the NGO We Are NOT Weapons of War.


Expansion of Panzi Hospital in the Democratic Republic of Congo with the Luxembourg Red Cross.


Construction of “waiting Houses” for women needing care with the help of the Luxembourg Red Cross and the Panzi Foundation.


Installation of solar panels on the roof of Panzi Hospital funded by the Engie Foundation in collaboration.


The Directorate for Development Cooperation and Humanitarian Affairs of Luxembourg has donated €5 million in financial aid towards the development of Panzi Hospital.


Creation of 2 evening screenings (10-11 December 2019) of films on situations of conflicts at the Luxembourg City Cinémathèque. Project initiated by the ambassadors of Belgium, Germany, France, Poland and the UK.


Exhibition on the highlights of the forum “Stand Speak Rise Up!” at the Abbey of Neumünster Cultural Exchange Center and at Cactus Bertange Commercial Center.


Charity concert with the GEMA4 quartet at Neumünster Abbey.


Emergency assistance in the Covid-19 context to survivors of the SEMA network via the Mukwege Foundation.


Support to the creation of masks by survivors at Panzi Hospital, South Kivu, Democratic Republic of Congo, in collaboration with the La Guilde du Raid and PANZI Foundation.


Support to 150 of the most vulnerable households in Gulu and Omoro, Northern Uganda: food, medical assistance and help in the production of liquid soap. Project implemented through Golden Women Vision in Uganda.


Assistance to survivors in Kabare territory, Democratic Republic of Congo. Breeding, planting of vegetables and protection material for 40 survivors over 6 months, through the Mouvement des Survivant.e.s de Viols et de Violences Sexuelles en RDC.


Distribution of gardening, protection and hygiene kits to 50 survivors in Leer County, Southern Sudan. Outreach campaign in the bush. Project via Hope Restoration South Sudan.


Independence support and income generation for 40 survivors in Mogadishu, Somalia via Somali Women and Child Care Association.


Assistance to survivors in Bosnia and Herzegovina through economic empowerment: purchase of agricultural machinery. Project via Forgotten Children of War.